Legal Aid for contesting a will?

Can I get Legal Aid for contesting a will in the UK?

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Unfortunately, Legal Aid for contesting a will in England and Wales was abolished about a decade ago.

However, the good news is that there are several other ways of funding a contested will claim.

The most popular method of funding a will challenge is now No Win, No Fee. We have been operating a highly successful No Win, No Fee funding scheme for contested wills and probate disputes for many years. Put simply, if we agree to deal with your case on a No Win, No Fee basis then if you lose the claim you will not have to pay us for the time we spend on your case. If you win your claim then we will seek recovery of your legal fees and expenses from your opponent, with the ‘success fee’ and any shortfall being paid out of the award you receive.

No Win, No Fee funding therefore offers access to justice for all those who do not have the available funds to pay legal costs.

For further information about how No Win, No Fee works for contesting a will click here.

An alternative to No Win, No Fee funding is a ‘deferred fees’ arrangement, sometimes known as ‘pay at the end’. This involves us working on your case and waiting until the end of the case for payment when you receive your legacy from the estate. This method of funding is only suitable when you are guaranteed to receive a legacy, which is not often the case when the validity of a will is being contested. However, it is a method we will be happy to consider in the right circumstances.

So, while Legal Aid for contesting a will may not be available any longer, there are alternative methods of funding your case. To discuss funding call us on 0333 888 0409 or send an email with details of your case to us at [email protected]

Legal Aid for contesting a will?