Solicitors specialising in contesting wills nationwide

We are a Legal 500 recommended firm of solicitors, specialising in contesting wills and dealing with other types of contentious probate dispute on a nationwide basis.

Our specialist team of lawyers are experienced in a range of contested will cases, including challenges to the validity of a will (based on lack of mental capacity, undue influence or fraud for example) and claims made under the Inheritance Act.

We also deal with disputes between executors and beneficiaries.

We represent both claimants wishing to contest a will and those who wish to defend a will.

Offering a full range of services, we can lodge a caveat, issue a warning or enter an appearance. We can seek medical records, obtain will preparation files and arrange for Larke -v- Nugus statements to be prepared.

We have a range of funding options to deal with the leagl costs of a contested will dispute. These options include fixed fees and No Win - No Fee.

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Specialists in contesting wills

We are one of the leading firms of solicitors dealing with contested will cases in England and wales. We have a dedicated team of lawyers dealing exclusively with this area of law and are therefore genuine specilaists in this complex field; not generalists. 

  • Recommended by the independent Legal 500
  • Nationwide service. 
  • Excellent track record in cases involving mental capacity, undue influence, lack of knowledge and approval, fraud and invalid procedure. 
  • Highly experienced in dealing with Inheritance Act claims with numerous successes to our credit. 
  • Expertise in executors disputes and contested powers of attorney.
  • FREE case assessments and a range of funding options, including No Win - No Fee.