Contesting a will on a fixed fee basis

Contesting a will on a fixed fee basis. If you would like us to carry out preliminary fixed fee investigations then call us on 0333 888 0409 to discus your requirements or send us an email.

When you are considering contesting a will it is not always obvious at the outset whether the claim is likely to have sufficient legal merits to justify it being pursued all the way.

Most contested will claims are won or lost on the strength of the legal evidence available. Sometimes the evidence will all be in place when a client contacts us. This enables us to review the merits of the case and consider whether it’s suitable for no win – no fee funding.

However, it often takes time to piece the evidence together and in many cases the preliminary investigations won’t have been undertaken when we are first contacted.

Initial investigatory steps to be considered when contesting a will include:

  • asking the solicitor who prepared the will to release the original will file;
  • obtaining a Lark v Nugus statement;
  • seeking the deceased’s medical records;
  • obtaining documents from a nursing home or residential home; and
  • taking witness statements from people who came into contact with the deceased at around the time the will was executed.

We can assess your case free of charge and identify which of these or other investigatory steps are likely to benefit your case.

Those on a tight budget are understandably wary about incurring unlimited legal costs and solicitor’s fees. Therefore, to avoid an open ended liability for solicitor’s costs, we offer clients the option of setting an initial fee limit. This enables them to budget for the claim and allows us to undertake as much investigatory work as we can. Once the limit has been reached we will report back and an informed decision can then be taken as to whether further legal costs should be incurred. We can also reconsider at that stage whether the case will be suitable for funding on a no win-no fee basis.

Our fixed fee option for contesting a will starts at as little as £500 plus VAT and disbursements. The scheme is entirely flexible and we can customise it to suit your particular needs.

If you are interested in contesting a will on a fixed fee basis then call our FREE helpline on 0808 1391596 to discuss how we can help you or send us an email with brief details of your requirements.