Contesting a Will on a no win, no fee basis in Northumberland

We have a dedicated Team of eight qualified Lawyers, specialising in Wills and inheritance disputes who are here to help you with contesting a Will in Northumberland on a no win, no fee basis.

Northumberland is a county of overlapping boundaries and jurisdictions. The law in England and Scotland is fundamentally different in many key respects, and one of the areas with the greatest contrast is inheritance law. This can lead to complications and problems arising in circumstances where estates or assets are located both in England and Scotland, as can often be the case in Northumberland and the Borders.

David Lees, a Solicitor in our contesting Wills team, is particularly familiar with the different laws of both England and Scotland in this area of legal practice, and has experience of dealing with the complex interplay between the two jurisdictions. David, who is Scottish himself but English qualified, has developed strong links with solicitors in Scotland, with whom he is able to work in cooperation.

One of the key differences between the jurisdictions is that in England and Wales, you are free to choose who inherits your estate, a principle known as “Testamentary Freedom”. However in Scotland, this does not apply. Instead, Scottish law gives the deceased’s children, or spouse/civil partner, rights to receive any “moveable estate” – this includes belongings and money, but not physical property.

So, if you are contesting a Will in Northumberland then contact our dedicated Free Legal Helpline for a case assessment and details of No Win, No Fee funding.

One of the legally trained personnel operating our Free Legal Helpline  is Ben Armstrong. Ben, who was born and grew up in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, has particularly fond memories of his visits to the beautiful heritage town of Berwick-Upon-Tweed, which is a mere 3 miles from the Scottish border. Part of Scotland until 1482, Berwick-Upon-Tweed it is now part of the English jurisdiction, though Ben says that many residents feel as if they have a “third nationality”.

Ben and his helpline team are here to assist, and if you need expert guidance on a complex dispute involving cross jurisdictional issues then David Lees is the go-to specialist.


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