Legal expenses insurance – contesting a wills with legal expenses insurance

Contesting a will with legal expenses insurance?

It is quite common for people these days to have legal expenses insurance, sometime known simply as LEI.

This type of insurance can be attached to other insurance policies, such as motor insurance or household insurance. Many people do not actually know that they have the benefit of LEI until they check their policies.

So if you are thinking about contesting a will it is always worth checking your insurance policies to see whether you have the benefit of legal expenses insurance that may cover your legal fees for pursuing the claim.

LEI will frequently cover the legal fees incurred when making a claim under the Inheritance Act, challenging the validity of a will and dealing with disputes between executors and beneficiaries.

If it seems likely that you do have cover, then if you provide us with your insurance paperwork we will be happy to check it to ascertain whether or not you have cover for contesting a will. If you do have legal expenses insurance cover then we will contact the legal expenses company and ask them to cover our fees for handling your contested will claim.

Cover will normally be grated where the legal merits of the claim are assessed as being good.

We are experienced with dealing with contested will claims where the costs are covered by legal expenses insurance and we conduct cases nationwide throughout the whole of England and Wales.

If there is any aspect of funding a case with the benefit of legal expenses insurance that you are not clear about, then our team will be very happy to discuss matters with you.

If for any reason your insurance doesn’t cover you for contesting a will, then we have other funding options available, including our popular No Win – No Fee scheme.

For further details about contesting a will with the aid of legal expenses insurance, call us on 0333 888 0409 or send us an email.