Challenging the validity of a will

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Hayley Bundey, a specialist inheritance disputes partner, has this month settled another claim challenging the validity of a will based on undue influence, with a back-up claim under the 1975 Act, via remote mediation.

This was a difficult case which had cultural elements making the ability to settle all the more difficult. All the signs were pointing to the mediation failing from an early stage. However, with the usual tenacity shown by Hayley, our trusted counsel and an excellent experienced mediator in this field we were able to get it over the line against all the odds and on terms which enable the client to move on from what has been a very harrowing time in their life in having to pursue the claim. Our client expressed how grateful they were to Hayley for her tenacity in sticking with the case when others had failed, and in obtaining a settlement which provides the client with a future for their family.

Hayley acted on a no win – no fee basis which enabled our client to be able to pursue the legal claim, something they would not have been able to afford to do otherwise.

Mediation is a popular option for settling disputed Will cases out of court. It can provide a relatively fast resolution of the claim and avoids the increased legal costs associated with a contested trial. Our team has mediated close to 20 contentious probate cases so far this year, with a very high success rate.

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Challenging the validity of a will