Executor dispute settled out of court

Case study of an executor dispute that we settled out of court by negotiation, without expensive court proceedings being necessary. Contentious probate lawyer Naomi Ireson recently represented an executor who was in dispute with his brother and fellow executor. The

Dispute on the interpretation of a will

We report on a recent success in a dispute on the interpretation of a will We recently represented Mr J in a dispute arising as a result of conflicting interpretations of his late aunt’s will. Mr J’s aunt left her

Mediation resolves contested will and inheritance claim

Naomi Ireson recently reached settlement of a claim following a successful mediation on behalf of the claimant. The claimant, Mr K, initiated two claims: The first was a contested will claim. He argued that the Will of his late stepfather was

Contested Will claim goes to trial

Our Contested Wills lawyers recently took a case to trial that hit the news headlines. We were the claimant's lawyers in the famous case of Ames v Jones. The case made the newspapers because of the judge's comments on the claimant's

Widower Wins Inheritance Dispute against Step Daughter

Mr P had been married to Mrs P since 1975. Mrs P had one daughter from a previous relationship, Mrs V, who was therefore Mr P’s step-daughter. In September 2008 Mr and Mrs P executed mirror wills that provided for

What can you do when you can’t find a Will?

Case study of a successful Inheritance Act claim that was made when a Will could not be found. Mr S died in March 2011 leaving a Will dated July 1999. Under the terms of his Will he appointed his second

Making an inheritance claim for a child

We recently made a successful inheritance claim for a child. Miss B, a 13 year-old girl, succeeded in claiming financial provision from the estate of her late father who had died intestate without a will. Her claim was made under