No Win No Fee Contested Will Claims

Legal funding can often be a headache. Going to law is never a cheap option and research indicates that many people miss out on justice simply because they cannot afford the legal fees.

We have therefore developed a range of funding options, including No Win-No Fee.

Not all contested will cases are suitable for No Win-No Fee. Like any business, we have to take a commercial view. We only take cases on under a No Win-No Fee agreement where we  feel that the prospects of winning the case and recovering costs are good.

We cannot always offer No Win-No Fee at the outset.

Sometimes further investigations will need to be carried out before we are able to make a decision. However, we are always prepared to reassess a contested will case as the evidence develops and reconsider its suitability for No Win-No Fee funding.

If we decide to take a contested will case on under a No Win-No Fee agreement then we will not take a percentage “cut” of any money you recover from your claim. Instead, we charge a success fee, which is an uplift on the basic legal fees. This is often recoverable from the opponent and frequently, in contested will cases, from the estate itself.

We always check to see if you have legal expenses insurance that would cover a contested will claim. If you do not have a suitable policy we can arrange for insurance to be obtained to cover any liability to pay the other side’s costs if it is required.

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